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Technology and children

If there is a possibility to change the circumstances then change it. If not, find the reason to make these tests worthy. Someone can find an outlet in faith.

It happens that we are often surprised to find out that our children, despite the age difference between us, repeat everything that we do involuntarily...even for themselves. The model of behavior is completely ours – parents! We can watch a touching talk show that we think is for housewives, and at the same time, hear from a 14-year-old teenage boy, "Oh, I watched it on YouTube!". Even if we ourselves watch YouTube, shows, interviews, or bloggers, we raise our heads surprised when our children behave in the same way. We go to the Internet for training in languages, science, watch good movies, and other useful information. What happened to us?

Again, psychologists basically agree that these problems begin with the parents. One psychologist recently said that a person, whether it's an adult, a child, or a teenager, uses the Internet all of the time to play games or watch something because he is not interested in real life. That is, a person does not have a life that he would like because the life seems more routine. Victor Frankl, the author of Existential Psychotherapy, proved in his works and in his experience in working with people that even in the most terrible conditions (German concentration camps for example) a person can endure everything including routine, hopelessness, etc., provided the main thing - it is to find the sense of life.

If there is a possibility to change the circumstances then change it. If not, find the reason to make these tests worthy. Someone can find an outlet in faith.

If this simply concerns our everyday life then maybe there is not enough purpose or interest. Find yourself and your children worthy pursuits that would enthrall you and your children. Then, the Internet will serve as a means to just see the necessary information because they will have no free time.

Pavlov, another outstanding phycologist, has a theory called the Theory of Pavlov's Teaching or the Theory of Conditional Reflexes. He came to the conclusion that "the flexibility and plasticity of the nervous system makes it possible to change the reflexes of any degree of complexity in the right direction. That is, in the behavior of living beings, the inherited reflexes play a minimal role, while the leading reflexes play a minor role, the conditional one." Simply stating, taking pleasure in some kind of activity or praise, we stimulate our desire to do our favorite things which certainly is useful for us and perhaps for other people.

This is good news for us because we can do two main things to solve the problem:
1. Find a suitable favorite activity.
2. Apply for a job, enjoy your favorite occupation, thereby stimulating your body which is good and pleasurable.

Author: Svetlana Bozhieva
Child Psychologist

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