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Friendship Journal (Updated)

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Look Inside


Also available in Spanish
Tens of years ago, teens liked to have questionnaires for better acquaintance with their friends. They handed each other notebooks - questionnaires, which contained questions about what their friends liked, what they hated, what they dream about and what they expected from life and their friendship. Children tried to make their personal friends pages - unforgettable. There they painted, expressed their personal opinion about the owner of the journal, wrote personal messages. Thanks to this, the friendship grew stronger and more interesting. We present to you an updated version of this questionnaire. Friendship Journal ... where your friends can answer questions, draw, color and make their personal pages are unique. And also they will be able to leave a personal message - wishes for you, and this can be stored for many years, as unforgettable moments of your friendship.

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Author: Anna Zubrytska
Book Design: BrainON Publishing
Pages: 110
Dimensions: 7.5' x 0.2' x 9.2'
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1975916034
ISBN-13: 978-1975916039

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