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The Games Without Computers

Look Inside

Look Inside

Games Collection and Coloring for All Family + Kindle Edition

Back to school! The games in this book will be perfect for birthday parties, children camps, Sunday school, etc.
The book will help your kids in learning how to think and work in the team. Also it gives many ideas of how to spend their time during outdoor activities. It will help to distract your children from the computer, and will allow them to spend their free time in a healthier and more fun ways.
Besides, we used in this book the special font for children with dyslexia, so this book will be good readable also and for them.

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Author: Anna Zubrytska
Book Design: BrainON Publishing
Pages: 70
Dimensions: 8.5' x 0.2' x 11'
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1973702789
ISBN-13: 978-1973702788

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